Book Review: Chills – A Collection of Short Stories by Sahar Sabati

Appropriately titled, Chills, by Sahar Sabati was, at times, exactly that…chilling.  Reminiscent of an introspective cross between the Twilight Zone and a Stephen King novella, Chillsran the gamut emotionally.  Sahar Sabati, a fresh new voice in horror/paranormal from whom I hope to see much more work, quite skillfully draws the reader into the mindset(s) of her characters.  The ways in which the author uses everyday, mundane circumstances as the framework for scenarios which evolve into situations destined to plunge her unsuspecting characters into depths of terror, despair, desperation and resignation, were original and exciting.

Sabati indicates in her Preface that she is intentionally using easily relatable fears that many of us try to keep hidden in the safe recesses of our minds so that we don’t have to face them.  Her characters face these fears head-on, with often surprising reactions and results.

Close the shutters, lock the doors, pull the covers up around your neck and grab a mug of tea – this book is a quick read, and one that you won’t want to put down.

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