New Release- Summer Prescott!!

Star Spangled Killer, Book 2 in the Cupcakes in Paradise Series by Summer Prescott is live on Amazon!!
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CiP 2 Kindle Cover
Just when business starts booming for the busy summer tourist season in sunny Calgon, Florida, Melissa Beckett engages in a struggle of wills with a health inspector who seems to have a very negative agenda. When the new detective in town appears to be looking for reasons to shut her down, Chas and Spencer look for a motive, and end up putting themselves in danger, for the sake of solving a murder.

Izzy disappears to New York, but has a change of heart and comes back to talk with Spencer, only to find that things are worse than she thought. Will this be the end of the “on again, off again” couple? Will Missy’s shop pass the nearly impossible inspection, or will the business that she worked in for her entire adult life have to close its doors forever? Find the answers to these questions and more, in the latest installment of the Cupcakes in Paradise Series.

NEW RELEASE- Carolyn Q. Hunter!!

We are thrilled to announce the release of Hole-In-One-Waffle, Book 17 in The Diner of The Dead Series by Carolyn Q. Hunter!! A Father’s Day themed cozy mystery, sure to be a chilling read!

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The Haunted Falls Society is a prestigious organization open only to the most accomplished members of the community, and it is the exact place where Sonja Reed doesn’t expect to fit in. Despite her reservations however, when club president, Paxton Manning, asks her to cater the Father’s Day Charity event, she can’t exactly refuse.
The elegant occasion takes a deadly turn, with a corpse showing up in a most unlikely of places, and the prestigious golf course appears to be inundated with a cacophony of ghosts, which of course draws Sonja into the case like a moth to a flame. Her father joins her in her sleuthing on this most unusual Father’s Day. Settle in for a delightfully spooky read in this latest installment of The Diner of the Dead Series.

New Release- Summer Prescott!!!

Twists and Tears, Book 5 in The Hawg Heaven Series is a gripping and emotional read. that you aren’t going to want to miss out on.

This cozy mystery is sure to grab your attention and pull you into a reading frenzy!

You can get your copy now on Amazon by clicking the cover below.


Rossalyn Channing is a tough single mom, who does all that she can to keep her thirteen year-old son safe. In this shocking and emotional installment of the Hawg Heaven series, Ryan Channing experiences life and death as he never has before, and faces a danger so profound that he might not make it out alive.

Burly biker Tom Hundman is called upon to rise above and beyond the call of merely being a good neighbor, and shows his true colors when Rossalyn’s past comes a-calling. Love is a powerful motivator in this compelling tale, but sometimes love goes too far and someone ends up getting hurt.

With a murderer on the loose, and a stalker who gets more bold by the day, Rossie is faced with a reality unlike anything she ever imagined. Readers, grab your tissues and snuggle under the covers with a flashlight, you’re in for a wild ride.

NEW SERIES-Carolyn Q. Hunter!!!

We are so excited about the release of Sisterly Screams, Book 1 in The Dead-End Drive-In Series by Carolyn Q. Hunter!

This epic new series, set in Sunken Grove, Louisiana is sure to give you the chills. Get your copy on Amazon now by clicking the image below!


Estranged sisters, Sarah-Belle and Anna-Lee, haven’t seen each other in nearly two years. Life takes an unexpected turn when Anna has to return to their hometown of Sunken Grove, Louisiana, and fate throws the contentious pair back together again.

Unfortunately, the already-tense situation goes from bad to worse for the sisters, when a ghost appears at Sarah-Belle’s drive-in theater and restaurant, pleading with them to help bring his murderer to justice. Will the sisters be able to settle their differences and work together again in order to solve this case, or are the strange sounds of jungle drums coming from the bayou signaling their doom?

Find out in this new spooky cozy mystery series by popular author Carolyn Q. Hunter.

New Release- Susie Gayle!!

After a short spring hiatus, The Pet Shop Series by Susie Gayle is back and better than ever!

Puzzles, Puggles, and Murder- Book 9 in the series is now available on Amazon!

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PS9 Kindle Cover

More than a year after a blackmail scandal rocked the coastal Maine town of Seaview Rock, life is finally returning to normal for pet shop owner Will Sullivan, and it’s brought with it some changes. Not only has Will just passed the licensing exam to become a Private Investigator, but he’s also got his first case: finding a missing terrier with an impressive pedigree. When a man dies under mysterious circumstances at a party, Will decides to investigate—not only because he doesn’t believe it was an accident, but because he’s certain that the deceased wasn’t the intended target, and someone close to him might be in grave danger.

New Release-Summer Prescott!!!

Missy and Chas are back! The end of The INNcredibly Sweet Series has led to the beginning of the new series, Cupcakes in Paradise.

Get your copy of the first book in the series, Vanilla Bean Killer on Amazon now, by clicking on the image below!

CIP 1 Kindle Cover

Life in Calgon will never be the same!

Missy and Chas start their new life after selling the Inn, but are plagued by scary situations from the very start. Chas and Spencer’s first official case at the investigation agency hits far too close to home, and Missy begins to wonder if she might have made the biggest mistake of her adult life. County Coroner, Timothy Eckels, is haunted by the ghosts of his past, and his feisty assistant Fiona fears for her life in this first installment of the Cupcakes in Paradise series.

New Release- Carolyn Q. Hunter!!

Summer Prescott Books is excited to announce the release of Red Velvet Waffle-Book 15 in The Diner of The Dead Series by Carolyn Q. Hunter!

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Things have been pretty peaceful in Haunted Falls, and diner owner Sonja Reed couldn’t be happier. She finally has the time to really focus on her cooking and, more importantly, spending quality time with her love interest, Sheriff Frank Thompson.

Unfortunately, things don’t stay quiet for long when local friend and farm owner, Benjamin Simon, gets a warning from beyond the grave. It seems that only Sonja is equipped to understand and resolve his unique issue, and she might just have to face it alone when her relationship with Frank ends up on rocky ground.

Sonja is prepared for one of the most frightening investigations yet, but is her bravery and intuition enough, or will the ghosts haunting the farmhouse send her to an untimely doom?