Morning Musings from a Non-Morning Person

Sometimes life sucks. Now, I’m not complaining (though it may sound like it), I’m merely stating fact. Sometimes we can do all the right things, carrying on in life with the best of intentions, and for whatever reason, we get thrown for a loop.

How long we stay in our (often times self-imposed) funk can depend upon a variety of things – our coping skills, our ability to see the light at the end of a sometimes long tunnel, hugs and love from family and friends, and even the scope and nature of the circumstances that plunged us into our morass of discomfort in the first place.
I’ve struggled a bit lately, if we’re being honest. My son was in a horrific motorcycle accident, (but is recovering well), I’ve been so busy with the details of life that I haven’t had a chance to attack my writing (translate: creative outlet) as I’d like, I’m tired and little cranky.

But after my begrudging early morning yawn and stretch, a weak (yet seemingly determined) ray of sunlight shone through my window and I was greeted with a soft kiss from the devastatingly handsome man who puts up with my moods and mischief. Yeah, life could be worse. 🙂

So here I sit in my gym clothes, keeping the promise to myself to get my day started with blogging followed by a workout, proud that I’ve taken baby steps toward shaking off the muggles and moving into the (sometimes harsh and glaring but ultimately warming) light of the living.

Yup, the world will still be sometimes cruel, yes, there is a laundry list of things that will undoubtedly frustrate me to no end, but I’m warm, fed and loved. It’s early yet, but so far so good – I can seize today and make it mine 😉

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