Review: Looking for Alex

The latest tale in which I’ve been able to indulge for the purpose of review is a delightful ebook entitled Looking for Alex, by Marian Dillon.  The tone of the piece is earthy and real – the sights, sounds and thoughts are subtly yet eloquently expressed in a manner which places the reader right in the heart of it all.  I was particularly impressed by the author’s ability to seamlessly transition between the attitudes and realities of life in the late seventies, to that of the grinding present, and back again.  The evolution of the main character, Beth, occurs through a masterfully interwoven series of past and present realities, giving the reader the sense that, while fully an adult, she still wholeheartedly embraces the rose-colored wishes and remembrances of her colorful yet heartbreaking past.

Interactions between characters are authentic to the point of making one squirm sympathetically, yet the angst among them is deftly handled and not overplayed.  Individual characters are precisely that, individual.  Stereotypes and generalizations are notably absent, which is a refreshing find in work that is a bit of a social commentary.

Marian Dillon weaves a tender tale of the joys and pains of life, love and loyalty that makes for a “don’t want to put it down” read.  Take it to the pool, read it on the bus, seclude yourself in the tub – it’s one not to be missed. 

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