Review: For Renata by B. Robert Sharry

Just finished For Renata by B. Robert Sharry and am grateful for having been swept away to another place and time to experience an intoxicating combination of love and loss, hope and despair, and the strength of the human connection. Set in the late 1950’s and carrying through the turbulent 70’s before gracefully transitioning to present day, For Renata bridges the gap between those adhering to cultural and societal norms and those who give in, if just for a moment, to the whims of the freely soaring spirit within.
As readers, we experience the trepidation of a young girl coming to America for the first time and seeing the land of the free through innocent eyes yet jaded heart. We practically feel the spittle of the scornful striking our cheeks as we mourn the loss of youth in a wounded and broken newly-returned Vietnam vet. And we stand on the sidelines clutching hands as the lives of everyday folk are tilted topsy-turvy by the capriciousness of events which rise like the ocean’s tide to engulf them.
The interweaving of lives and hearts between multiple generations, contrasting cultures and emotional circumstances is masterfully done and leaves the reader often aghast at life’s cruelties, and subsequently breathless with the anticipation of it’s goodness.
I won’t be found guilty of “spoiling”, just know that one should buckle up and prepare for unexpected twists and turns that will demand rapt attention until the very end.
I truly enjoyed this novel and am looking forward, with great anticipation, to seeing more of Mr. Sharry’s work. By all means, pick up a copy if you haven’t yet…and perhaps a packet of Kleenex as well, just in case 😉

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