A Rare Fantasy Review

As loyal blog followers who have read my “About Me” can attest, I’m not traditionally a fan of Fantasy.  While I can appreciate the huge degree of creativity that it takes to conjure up not only non-existent creatures, but entire worlds, it’s just generally not my cup of tea (from a recreational standpoint).  Why?  I guess mainly it’s because I can only willingly suspend my disbelief just so far and no further (which says more about me, rather than being a commentary on the genre).  To me, the angst and drama of real life is far more compelling – I can put myself in the shoes of the protagonist (or antagonist if I’m feeling naughty) much more easily when the settings are real-world and the plot is plausible.  On rare occasion, I dare to step outside the scope of what is plausible and indulge briefly in that which is fantastical.  Such is the case with the following review of “The Two Lands: Return” by Ann Livi Andrews.

This book will transport you to a faraway place where mythical creatures roam and nothing is quite as it seems. The author dares to push the boundaries of traditional servant/gentry relationships and sprinkles in a hearty dose of intrigue. Her use of contemporary vernacular and colloquialisms, while surprising in such a classic setting, lends to the creation of characters which tend to be more relatable to a modern readership.

Fantasy readers – you will probably love this book.  Stay tuned for more reviews, coming soon.

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