Review: Behind the Gates With the 1% by Mike Penney

To me, a good book is one that makes me feel. Not feel “good” necessarily, but at least feel something. If an author can make me giggle, tear up, or gasp with delight or offense, I’m on board! No matter on which side of the aisle you dally, whether liberal, conservative or indifferent, you will decidedly react in some manner to the acerbic observations contained therein. Best chased with a slug of good scotch 😉
Here’s the review, as posted on Amazon. Well done Mr. Penney!

Pithy wit abounds in this scathing, satirical social commentary. The narrative is presented from the perspective of an optimistically naive “worker bee” who is earnestly determined to rise to the top. Grave hilarity is found anecdotally in the twisted wranglings between the “rich and happy 1%” and the peons who serve them. This book will have readers vacillating between shaking their heads in helpless dismay, and clambering atop the nearest soapbox in attempt to right the wrongs of a horribly one-sided society.
Perhaps most compelling is the (albeit, satirically over-the-top), insight into the mindset of both the masses who buy into the grateful servant mentality and those who chafe at the bonds of societally imposed hierarchy. In any case, although a grim reminder and warning to the astute among us, this book was cheekily entertaining and well-crafted.

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