Review: The Evolution of Gods: The Scientific Origin of Divinity and Religions

I stumbled upon this book as the result of a well-publicized book tour and was immediately intrigued and excited by the subject matter. I read the preface, which in and of itself was exhaustive, and found myself apprehensive and fervently hoping that the actual content would be presented in a more engaging manner that would compel me to read further. Such was not the case. I understand that the intent is to inform, but the tone and pace were so meticulously dry that, despite my profound interest in the subject matter, I gave up after the first few chapters, not bothering to wade through the rest of the book. From a content standpoint, I was disappointed to see that, while clearly well-researched, many assertions were made without references backing them up. Referring in a nebulous fashion to “studies have shown…” or “anthropologists believe…” doesn’t build sufficient credibility to support ensuing statements and assertions, and disqualifies the book as a serious or significant work on the subject. Bottom line, I was excited to begin the book, and became disenchanted quite quickly.

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