The Winds of Change…

So much has come to pass since I last sat down to blog. A couple of weeks ago, I found out that my beloved mother, who has been a constant source of joy and support for me, is riddled with cancer. She’s 80 years old and has lived a full and sweet life, dedicated to loving others unconditionally, but she’s tired, and aging by the day. She still faces life with the same optimism and strength, but has resigned herself to her ultimate fate, and is at peace with her situation. I can’t imagine life without her. Everywhere I go, everything I do, reminds me of her. My focus right now is to spend as much quality time with her as possible, even if it’s just chatting on the phone. How in the world am I ever going to say goodbye?

Speaking of goodbyes…my eldest daughter has finished her Master’s Degree and has accepted a fantastic new job…in Alaska. She’s never been further away than I could drive in a couple of hours, and I will miss her and her dear husband tremendously. We usually see each other at least every couple of weeks, and I will miss our time together.

My younger daughter, her husband, and my only grandson, are in Nebraska – eight hours away, but at least drive-able. My eldest son has just moved to Chicago, and my youngest son is away at college. My empty nest is staring back at me, as I wonder how the time flew so fast.

Things change and life goes on. Loved ones move, loved ones pass away, and the rest of us are left to carry on, with only our sweet memories to help us cope with the aches in our hearts. I’m so thankful for my significant other, my muse, my love…who stands with me through it all, a strong refuge of hope and strength. He is a beacon of warmth and light, even on my darkest days, and he continually reminds me that I can make it, I’m going to be okay, and so will everyone else.

I hope I’m not over-sharing…sometimes I just want the sweet folks who read my books to know that there is a real person behind the hard-working author, and that she thinks too much, feels too much and has her challenges too. Don’t we all?

Hugs and sunshine,






8 thoughts on “The Winds of Change…

  1. I will keep your mom in my prayers. I know how difficult it is. My mom is gone and I miss her every day. My kids have flown the coop, too as they say. Don’t worry about oversharing. Those of us who read your posts want to know what you have to say. Those that don’t, aren’t reading it anyway 🙂 Take care and God bless.

  2. Thoughts and prayers Summer. I miss my mom every day and she has been gone for 16 years. She was only 62. Hold tight to the memories. Just think … More places to visit…. More ideas for your books.

  3. I hope this is not a duplicate. I just messed up the first time!!! I just saw this blog when I came on here to see the status of any new books with Missy and Chas and I just wanted to tell you this. You have my heartfelt thoughts and prayers in regards to your Mom. I lost mine at the age of 62, I was only 42 at the time, in 1998 and then my maternal Grandmother 5 weeks later and my maternal Grandfather 3 1/2 years later. It is so hard and I miss them all so much. My entire family now consists of only my 3 grown kids and their families. I know all about the empty nest too because I am in the same way. You are lucky though because you are married, I am divorced so I am really alone. You get used to it though after a while but the brutal winters are hard when you are cooped up inside at night and on the weekends. Thank God that I still work. Stay strong and think positive thoughts. I hope you can continue with the series of Missy and Chas because I just love this series so much. I only have two more books to buy to have the complete set and I just started reading them not too long ago!!! I saw the blog above about the problem with your publisher. They are excellent books!!! Take care.

    • Thanks so much, Debbie! I’m taking things one day at a time, and am glad that reports about Mom’s condition have been a bit more positive 🙂 I know what you mean about being alone, I was there not too long ago, but found that being healthy and alone was much better than being in a relationship that was toxic. My grown kids and dog helped a lot in that regard. I’m continuing to write, and hope to have some good news for my readers very soon. Hugs!

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