Leaving the Past Behind…

DISCLAIMER:  There has been some confusion regarding who is whom in reference to my books, so I thought I’d clear the air here. My publisher, up until last week, was Maven Publishing, also known as Alympia Payton, also known as Carol Durand. Carol Durand is the pen name that was used for Maven Publishing/Alympia Payton. Not one word of any of the Frosted Love, Key West, or Rocky Cove books was written by “Carol Durand,” Alympia Payton, or Maven Publishing. The characters, settings and content were all created exclusively by me. I’ve already sought counsel to protect these creations as my intellectual property, and there is a vast body of legal precedent that will back me in this.

My unfortunate reality at the moment, is that, since the Frosted Love books were published by Maven Publishing, the listings on Amazon have been modified to show Carol Durand and Summer Prescott as co-authors, which has never been the case. Moving forward, all books listed under the Summer Prescott name will be both published and written, solely by me. There is a new Patti Benning book that will be out this week, and a new Summer Prescott book out next week…stay tuned! 🙂


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