Trolls, trolls, trolls…

It’s so disheartening, to someone who takes pride in the material that she presents to her readers, to see my work ripped apart in a haphazard manner. When I read reviews, I always look to see if there’s anything constructive, anything that I can learn from. If I do find something constructive, I take a look at how I can do things differently in the future to make for a more pleasurable reading experience, but when reviews are just nasty comments seemingly thrown out on a whim, there’s nothing to learn, except for maybe the fact that some folks are just mean-spirited. I also find it strange that, after months of nothing but four and five star reviews, suddenly there seems to be an increasing trickle of one, two and three stars that don’t really say anything useful at all. It’s almost as if they were posted simply to lash out.

I will say that the reviewer who gave Patti Benning’s latest book a bad review at least had a point – there were an unacceptable amount of errors due to a glitch in the editing process for that week, that has since been resolved, but the others, for my books and Patti’s, don’t seem to have any basis in reality. It’s frustrating. Both of us are making our living as authors, and take our work very seriously. To have someone make an offhand review affects our status in the rankings with Amazon, but more importantly, may scare away potential readers who would really enjoy our work.


9 thoughts on “Trolls, trolls, trolls…

  1. Summer don’t you believe for one minute that your books are bad. They are ALL great and you are the most gifted author I know of. You have excellent taste the way you write. It is upsetting to hear some people being mean spirited. Probably your old publishers. Sorry you have to go thru this. Hugs and Prayers for you always.

  2. I saw those reviews and I was very upset t see those. Yes there may have been an issue with editing but it DID NOT in anyway take away from the story. I think it’s very wrong for someone to comment based off editing expecially when that person could’ve used help with editing their comment. Nobody is perfect and I am glad that I don’t read comments before I purchase a book. You asked me personally to review your books as well as the authors that you are working with and I take that as a great honor and I’m proud to give you the reviews that you deserve. I will also comment about the writing and never about the editing.

    I hope you will continue to grt may more readers from the other posts and people will just realize this person was bitter. I hope she is not a fan or someone you asked to reciew for you because if she is, I would take her off ☺. Keep up the good work. I love reading your stories as well as Mrs. Bennings stories.

  3. I am an avid Summer Prescott fan who reads each of the cozy mysteries as soon as they hit the shelves. As with many of Summer’s fans we enjoy her characters immensely and find her writing refreshing and imaginative. Her books are a MUST READ!

  4. Hi Summer

    Back when I got your first book, there were several reviews that were 4 & 5 stars, a couple of 3’s, and one review that tore your book apart. I started checking to see what this reviewer was posting for other authors.

    I found that she tore most of the books from other authors apart also. The more I read, I figured out that this one particular person was an “old school” english teacher, and I wonder if she was as nasty to her students, as she was in her book reviews to authors on amazon.

    There are always going to be some people that are going to be super critical, and I have to wonder if it is because they are jealous that they dont have the same talent. Putting others work down is their way of elevating the mmselves and their self-worth.

    So far in your books I have only come acrossed some very small typos or misspellings. For example in a couple of books there were a couple of times where i think the word was meant to be “here”, and it showed up as “her.” Since both words are spelled correctly, spell check, or even a human editor could miss it.

    I love your books, and have told friends that they are excellent. Not many people have the talent you do, so hold your head high, be proud of what you have accomplished, and try to not let those few obnoxious reviewers get to you. You have a growing fan club following you and your books.

    Please excuse any typos I may have in this post. I am typing this on my phone, and my fingers are bigger than the buttons. Lol. 🙂


  5. Ignore these ignorant rude people. I love your books, I have only read Missy and Chas so far and am anxiously awaiting the release of book 2 in the new series. I couldn’t read and buy them in the first series fast enough, I received the first one free and I was hooked. The only thing I do wish is that they had a longer story line in each book. I wish I had your and many other’s talent in writing books. I read a few bakery mystery series and I love each and every one of them and usually the first book is free and it hooks me instantly. The next series I want to start reading is your lime mysteries, sorry I can’t think of the name of the books right now, but I am sure you know which ones I mean!! lol Keep up the good work and pump out those books because you have one person here anxiously awaiting the release of book 2 for Missy and Chas. I keep checking this website every day for new posts!!! Do not let them discourage you. Thank you for all the good books you write!!!


      • Thank you so very much!!!! I just went to Amazon website and bought it. I am in the process of reading another book in a different baking series (I love these baking series books because I love to bake and my dream has always been to have my own bakery one day but I don’t think that will ever happen, I believe that is why I love these series so much) but as soon as I am done I will be reading this newest book by you!!! Thank you so very much and again don’t let them discourage you, this newest book of yours already has 5 stars on Amazon and it just came out!!! Now that’s saying something!!! Will be anxiously awaiting for the next one I know as soon as I am done with this one!!!

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