From the wilds of Alaska…

Hi, all.  This is Summer’s muse writing on her behalf.

I just chatted online with Summer during her brief internet access time at the local library.  She is loving the beauty of her surroundings and has been hiking and exploring.  She expressed her amazement at the clear lakes and rivers…not something you see in our part of the country much.  She’s seen eagles and whales but has yet to see a bear or moose (those are on her wish list). She HAS seen signs meant to inform hikers about bear behaviors but no bears yet.

She is working while she’s away.  She’s nearing completion of book #5 in the INNcredibly Sweet Series.  We may have to wait until she returns later this week before we see her next book.

We miss her around here.

From “The Muse” on behalf of Summer:

Hugs and Sunshine,


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