Another new Summer Prescott release!!

Streusel Creme Killer is the latest in my INNcredibly Sweet Series. Click the cover below to buy now!

If you loved the Frosted Love Series, you’ll love the INNcredibly Sweet Series, which continues the ongoing adventures of Missy, Chas and the gang, after their move from LaChance, Louisiana, to the sleepy seaside town of Calgon, Florida.

Missy and Echo return to Calgon, after an eventful visit to Louisiana. Trouble arises when the sweet bookstore owner, whose business is right next door to Echo’s candle shop, discovers a body in her store. Newly appointed Medical Examiner, the enigmatic Timothy Eckels, makes a gruesome discovery that will have prominent citizens of Calgon shaking in their boots.


2 thoughts on “Another new Summer Prescott release!!

  1. Love all the Missy and Chase stories! Great characters, great plots, great reading! Thank you so much!!!

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