Suspenseful Spencer…

I just couldn’t stand it…I had to throw a little snippet of what’s happening in Book 7 of the INNcredibly Sweet Series, Marshmallow Creme Killer. In this tidbit, Chas and Spencer are having a conversation that will ultimately reveal something very interesting…enjoy!!!

“Alright, Spencer, out with it. I’ve always known that there’s something different about you, but I figured if you wanted me to know about it, you’d say something. Now you have some explaining to do,” Chas said mildly, accepting the cocktail that the attendant offered on a silver tray.

Spencer declined the other Manhattan that was on the tray, asking for a tomato juice instead.

“It’s a rather long story, Sir, and we were hoping that you’d never have to know,” the Marine began.

“We,” Chas interrupted. “Let’s start there…when you say, ‘we,’ who are you talking about, precisely? All this time I thought you were working for me – that you were a random veteran that Maggie hired, who just happened to be skilled in all kinds of things – but, you’re not just working for me, and you’re not even close to being just a handyman, are you?” the detective asked, sipping more lightly at the cocktail than he wanted to.

“No, Sir,” Spencer met his gaze evenly.

“Elaborate, please,” Chas settled back in his chair, feet up, and placed his drink next to his bottle of water, on the built-in table, beside the recliner.

He was here for the long haul, so he figured that he might as well get comfortable. Spencer remained sitting upright, one ankle resting on the opposite knee, the posture revealing a glimpse of his silk socks, which cost more than a week’s worth of groceries.

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