Marshmallow Creme Killer is out!!!

Is Carla the Interior Decorator alive? Who is Spencer Bengal really?

Summer Prescott is proud to announce the release of the 7th book in the INNcredibly Sweet Series!  This book is twice as long as the previous installments and full of plot twists and insight like no other!

On the journey through The INNcredibly Sweet Series, you’ve had questions…this book provides the answers. You’ll be caught up in the ongoing adventures of Missy, Chas, Spencer and the rest of the gang as their story takes them to exotic locations and into scary situations. Find out the answer to many of the questions, that have kept you in suspense, in this latest installment of The INNcredibly Sweet Series, where lives and relationships will be changed forever.

Buy now by clicking the cover below.


8 thoughts on “Marshmallow Creme Killer is out!!!

    • Hi Summer

      I really enjoyed the latest of your books, Marshmallow Creme murder. We still need to know more about Spencer. “suspenseful Spencer” lol

      These books just get better and better. I haven’t had a chance to read the newest ones from the new authors, but Patti’s series is next on my list.

      Way to go Summer!! Nice job!!


  1. Hi Summer,
    I would love to do book reviews for you if you ever need me to. I love to read, and am happy to help you if I can. Hope to hear from you soon.

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