Missy and Chas Sneak Peek

Hello dear readers!!! Since I’m taking foreverrrrr…to write book 8 in The INNcredibly Sweet Series, I thought I’d toss out a scene to tease you a bit. There are some shocking events in this next segment of the series. Here’s a little taste:

“No, not at all, she just…” Betty stopped in mid-sentence as the door opened, and the hard-edged brunette from the day before walked in, making a beeline for Chas.

“Back again, huh?” the diner owner addressed her without a hint of a smile, as the woman settled herself onto the stool next to Chas.

Hannah’s outfit was a bit more daring than it had been the day before, a short white skirt, and a clinging, rather low-cut jade-green silk top which brought out the green of her tinted contact lenses.

“I had to see if your breakfast items were as tasty as your lunches,” she ran a hand through her hair in a move that Betty had witnessed from scores of women who were looking to be noticed by a man. She chuckled inwardly, knowing that the strange woman would be shot down…hard, by the fiercely loyal detective.

“Uh-huh,” was the skeptical reply, as Betty tossed down a placemat and menu. “Coffee?”

“Please,” Hannah nodded, then turned her attention to Chas, who was seemingly immersed in his breakfast. “Mmm…that looks good,” she said softly, leaning forward just enough so that the front of her blouse gapped just a bit.

“Betty’s the best,” the detective nodded, not looking up, and seeing her overt moves in his peripheral vision.

She waited until Betty had stepped from behind the counter to deliver platters of food to another table, before quickly leaning in and whispering to Chas.

“Detective, it’s me…I called yesterday, and we really need to talk.”

“I’m listening,” Chas said casually, irritated that the persistent woman had tracked him down. His eyes met Betty’s from across the room, and the look that she gave him let him know that the woman sitting beside him was the one to whom she’d referred.

“So, you’re a pretty rich guy,” she began.

The detective raised an eyebrow, offended at her opening line, but said nothing, picking up a slice of bacon and relishing the crunch between his teeth as he bit into it.

“How much do you care about where your money comes from?” she challenged, sipping at her coffee and gazing at him over the rim of her cup.

Chas set down his fork slowly, deliberately, dabbed at his mouth with a paper napkin, and took a breath before responding. Leaning in, he spoke in a low voice.

“Look, I have no idea who you are, and I find your insinuations insulting. Why you feel the need to address me, about something that is quite frankly none of your business, is beyond me, but know this…I won’t stand for my family name being besmirched, so if that is your intent, you should just table your agenda right now.”

A slow smile spread across Hannah’s face. She glanced outside the window for a split-second, her eyes lighting up, and then leaned in much closer to the detective, coquettishly twirling a lock of her chocolate brown hair through her fingers in a manner that was meant to be flirtatious.

“What if my agenda is a bit more…personal,” she breathed, dropping the lock of hair and trailing her fingertips over the detective’s bicep.

Knowing that she was going for shock value, Chas didn’t flinch at her touch, didn’t budge, but merely fixed her with a stare so cold that her immaculately-groomed eyebrows should’ve frosted over. By this time, Betty had moved back behind the corner, but the two in front of her had their eyes locked on each other and didn’t notice.

“Keep your hands to yourself, keep your insinuations to yourself, and do yourself a favor…get out of town before things get very uncomfortable for you,” the detective warned.

“Is that a threat, Detective?” she cooed, batting her eyes and brushing her knee against his.

Revolted, he stood, reaching into his pocket and tossing some bills on the counter.

“That’s simply an explanation of reality,” he snapped, eyes glittering with simmering rage. “Betty, if she lingers too long, give me a call and I’ll send someone over to arrest her for loitering.”

Hannah glanced out the window again, grinning like a Cheshire cat, and Betty nodded at the detective, her mouth set in a disapproving line as she turned her gaze toward the strange woman.


Missy thought her heart would explode from her chest. Missing her husband, she’d stopped by the police station with a box of cupcakes. When the desk sergeant told her that he’d walked to the diner for breakfast, she got back in the car and drove over, hoping to surprise him and have a cup of coffee together, but the surprise was on her when she passed by the front windows of the diner, headed for the front door, and saw her husband engrossed in conversation with a woman who was clearly flirting. Not wanting to watch, but rooted to the spot, unable to move, she watched as the woman leaned in, smiling, and touched Chas in a manner that was reserved for her alone.

Bile rising in her throat, she turned quickly away and hurried back to her car, willing herself not to be sick. By the time the detective stormed from the diner, she was already blocks away, tears streaming down her face. There had to be an explanation for what she had seen. Chas loved her, he showed her that in so many ways. But he had seemed to be extra busy lately…staying at the office late, and going in early. She’d hardly seen him. And how could she know whether or not he was really where he said that he was?

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