Great reviews!

Check out some of the things reviewers have been saying about my latest book!  I’m so moved by the reception and hope that if you are not already a reader of mine that you will give this latest book a read to see what you think.  Click the title to go directly to Amazon to purchase it!

“This is the first I’ve read in this series. I loved it. I loved the characters, their names, their friendships.”

“I am always left waiting for the next book but this time I almost screamed. “
This is an amazing book! Summer Prescott has outdone herself with the 10th book in the INNcredibly Sweet series.”
“…the writing is superb and the story is expertly crafted so I am thrilled to give it 5 stars and would love to give it more!”
“Best of the Series!!!
This book is the best in this series so far!! I am so drawn into it that I can’t even focus on real life at the moment!!”
“I have no words!
…STOP and look no further, this book has it all! In a spectacular series this book stands above the rest. All my favorites were back. Sarah and Grayson, Kel and Echo, Missy and Chaz, Joyce and……sorry no spoilers! Don’t miss this book!””I don’t know how Summer Prescott does it but every book is better than the last.”

Hugs and Sunshine,


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