New Release- Carolyn Q. Hunter

Summer Prescott Books is excited to announce the release of Savory Spring Waffle! Book 11 in The Diner of the Dead Series by Carolyn Q. Hunter.

Get ready to see what Sonja has gotten herself into this time!

Click on the cover below to purchase directly from Amazon!


It’s Easter Sunday in Haunted Falls and Sonja Reed is at it again. She and Alison are catering a party at the local community garden–and of course they aren’t passing up the chance to unveil a new waffle recipe.
Unfortunately, everything isn’t all sunshine and roses when a body turns up in a nearby cottage. It looks like murder again, and it’s up to Sonja and her boyfriend Sheriff Frank Thompson to get to the bottom of things.
Is this a simple case of homicide, or is there something more sinister afoot? Sonja’s is haunted by a supernatural sensation which tells her that there may be ghosts hanging around the garden, but if there are, what do they have to do with the murder, and what could they possibly want from her?

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