New Release- Summer Prescott!!!

Happy Release Day to Summer Prescott!!

Book 4 in The Hawg Heaven Series is available now on Amazon!

Click below to purchase this new culinary cozy mystery!


Rossie’s accountant confesses a possible connection to the untimely demise of her coworker, and Rossie fears that the woman’s life might be in danger. Meanwhile, the single mom wonders if she’s losing her mind, or if there really is a stranger lurking about. Throw in a heaping helping of Jose’s amazing cooking, and a love triangle that just might be the end of her, and you have a hearty recipe for a good old-fashioned mystery, filled with action, drama, and suspense.


4 thoughts on “New Release- Summer Prescott!!!

  1. Just finished Hawgs, Dogs & Murder, loved it even though i hate cliff hangers. thanks for the warning. I hope Rossalyn’s presumed dead husband is the broken guy creeping around in her
    back yard. How long do we have to wait for next installment?
    I know you have an extremely busy life, most authors don’t have more than one series in the works at the same time, you are a great inspiration for all writers but especially female authors.
    We wait on pins and needles for your next installments.

    • Aww…thanks! The next one will be out probably in a couple of weeks. If you read my other series, the first book in the Cupcakes in Paradise Series will be out in the next week or two. Thanks so much for your encouragement!! 🙂

  2. Not even a clue if I’m right? 🙂 I have also followed Missy & Chas since the beginning. looking forward to 1st cupcakes in paradise. was glad to read Spencer & Izzy back together they make a great couple.
    Really liked The Quiet Type.

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