New Release- Carolyn Q. Hunter!!

Summer Prescott Books is excited to announce the release of Red Velvet Waffle-Book 15 in The Diner of The Dead Series by Carolyn Q. Hunter!

Click on the book cover below to purchase directly from Amazon.


Things have been pretty peaceful in Haunted Falls, and diner owner Sonja Reed couldn’t be happier. She finally has the time to really focus on her cooking and, more importantly, spending quality time with her love interest, Sheriff Frank Thompson.

Unfortunately, things don’t stay quiet for long when local friend and farm owner, Benjamin Simon, gets a warning from beyond the grave. It seems that only Sonja is equipped to understand and resolve his unique issue, and she might just have to face it alone when her relationship with Frank ends up on rocky ground.

Sonja is prepared for one of the most frightening investigations yet, but is her bravery and intuition enough, or will the ghosts haunting the farmhouse send her to an untimely doom?


2 thoughts on “New Release- Carolyn Q. Hunter!!

  1. This was a sad installment for me I had hoped to see the victim more as a series regular. But still a great book.
    I will admit to wanting to make some waffles after reading these books! Lol (waffle maker is packed, OH NO!!!) I love this series and can’t wait for the follow up!! 🙂

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