NEW SERIES-Carolyn Q. Hunter!!!

We are so excited about the release of Sisterly Screams, Book 1 in The Dead-End Drive-In Series by Carolyn Q. Hunter!

This epic new series, set in Sunken Grove, Louisiana is sure to give you the chills. Get your copy on Amazon now by clicking the image below!


Estranged sisters, Sarah-Belle and Anna-Lee, haven’t seen each other in nearly two years. Life takes an unexpected turn when Anna has to return to their hometown of Sunken Grove, Louisiana, and fate throws the contentious pair back together again.

Unfortunately, the already-tense situation goes from bad to worse for the sisters, when a ghost appears at Sarah-Belle’s drive-in theater and restaurant, pleading with them to help bring his murderer to justice. Will the sisters be able to settle their differences and work together again in order to solve this case, or are the strange sounds of jungle drums coming from the bayou signaling their doom?

Find out in this new spooky cozy mystery series by popular author Carolyn Q. Hunter.

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