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cip 13

Ready for a decadent taste of murder?

A killer is loose in Calgon, and has chosen a very high-profile victim. Rumors abound and theories are whispered among the country club set, as they ponder whether or not the killer might be one of their very own, or if a desperate mother with a sick child is the culprit.

Spencer has issues of his own, and feels as though his best friend may be making moves toward stealing any chance he may have had at finally finding someone special.

The intrigue is strong, in both love and mystery, in this latest, gripping installment of the Cupcakes in Paradise series.


FL 4

Are you ready for an exciting taste of murder?

Melissa Gladstone is up and running again – her new store in Dellville is successful and her old shop in LaChance is being rebuilt. Delighted at the thought of making a new friend, Missy is over the moon with excitement when a woman from California buys the ice cream shop across the street. After a few odd slips of the tongue, coupled with the odd hours that the newcomer keeps, Missy begins to suspect that her new friend may be hiding something, and that the consequences might be deadly. Not everything is as it seems in small-town Louisiana, but Missy is determined to crack the case, even if it means losing a friend.


meadows 6

Murder is no picnic!

Autumn Roth is finally getting comfortable with her new job and her new relationship. In fact, things have never been better between her and Nicholas Holt, the attractive and charming guy who runs the local nursing home. When he invites her to a family reunion, she sees it as the next step in their relationship and is both excited and nervous at the prospect of meeting his family.
Things don’t go exactly as planned when disaster strikes at the family reunion, leaving one person dead and a handful of murder suspects, who just happen to be related to the man with whom Autumn is falling in love. She finds herself getting drawn into the investigation despite her best efforts, and can only hope that their relationship survives the family secrets that she discovers.


pizza 26

Grab a serious slice of murder!

Spring in Kittiport, Maine, is a welcome interlude from the snow and freezing oceanside winds that have plagued the small town for months. The entire town seems to be in good spirits, not least of all, Eleanora Ward, who is newly married and on the verge of taking the next major step in her life.

When what should have been a fun class ends in disaster, Ellie watches helplessly as Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria is shut down and the very people she thought she could trust the most are blamed for a tragic crime. Will she be able to put her emotions aside for long enough to figure out who the murderer really is?


voodoo 5

Are you ready for a chill?

Sisters, Sarah-Belle and Anna-Lee, are hosting a two-week vampire movie marathon at the Voodoo Drive-In, with a whole lot of half-priced vampire themed drinks at the bar.

Belle is frustrated that she can’t do much to help out with the festivities, due to a particularly nasty cold. It’s up to Anna to manage the event on her own until Belle gets better, and she does an amazing job of it until tragedy strikes, and a body is found behind the movie screen.

While Anna assumes that the incident is just a random case of homicide, the drive-in’s resident ghost is inclined to believe there may just be some black magic involved. As the sisters work to catch a killer, they find themselves running all over Sunken Grove, and much of the state of Louisiana in search of some answers…but before the night is through, one of the sister’s might just end up donating some blood to one very hungry murderer.


ww 7

Are you ready for a prickly case of murder?

Sonja and Frank are finally married and on their way to their dream honeymoon in the beautiful deserts of New Mexico. They have spa days, museum trips, hiking, shopping, and of course, relaxation on their to-do list. Unfortunately, their idyllic plans are interrupted by a murder.

The newlyweds try their best not to get caught up in another investigation, but when the spirit of an ancient skinwalker appears to Sonja, she knows it’s up to her to help catch the real killer. A complicated web of underhanded business tactics, feuds, and revenge is woven together around the couple, making for a very sticky case..
Will Sonja and Frank be able to pin down the truth so they can get on with their honeymoon, or will the killer have the last laugh?


pie 11

Are you ready for a luscious summertime treat?

Father’s Day is coming up in Culver’s Hood and Bertha Hannah has a very special event, involving book store and pie shop specials, planned for the occasion. Unfortunately, her preparations are interrupted when a car accident occurs outside her shop early one morning. Dragged away from her regular duties because she happens to be a potential witness to the crash, Bert can’t help but feel like something is amiss.
Her suspicious are confirmed when what seemed to be a typical accident is determined to be a homicide. It becomes immediately evident to Bert that there may be bigger players involved in this case than she had originally suspected, making the case far more dangerous for everyone involved.
It’s up to Bert, Harry, and Carla to race against the clock to put the real murderer behind bars before the Father’s Day holiday goes murderously wrong.



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