New Release- Patti Benning


Call for delivery, this mystery will have you glued to your seat!

Eleanora Ward is looking forward to a week in the sun with her grandmother, Ann Pacelli. This time, she is determined that her trip to Florida will be all about fun, not work. A monkey wrench is thrown into Ellie’s careful plans, however, when her grandmother informs her that instead of flying back home, they’ll be driving.

Bone tired and ready for a good night’s sleep after their first day of driving, Ellie pulls into the first motel they can find. It’s small and falling apart, and her cell phone doesn’t have any service, but both women are too tired to care, until Ellie stumbles across the scene of a violent murder.

Far from home, Ellie and Nonna try to keep their heads down and get out of town without attracting attention, but as usual, Ellie finds herself drawn right into the middle of the case.


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