Summer S'more Murder

Summer S’more Murder

Are you ready for a luscious summertime treat?

Father’s Day is coming up in Culver’s Hood and Bertha Hannah has a very special event, involving book store and pie shop specials, planned for the occasion. Unfortunately, her preparations are interrupted when a car accident occurs outside her shop early one morning. Dragged away from her regular duties because she happens to be a potential witness to the crash, Bert can’t help but feel like something is amiss.

Her suspicious are confirmed when what seemed to be a typical accident is determined to be a homicide. It becomes immediately evident to Bert that there may be bigger players involved in this case than she had originally suspected, making the case far more dangerous for everyone involved.

It’s up to Bert, Harry, and Carla to race against the clock to put the real murderer behind bars before the Father’s Day holiday goes murderously wrong.

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