Starting the Year with a Clean Slate

I always seem to start the New Year with a series of contradictions. I’m excited about having a fresh start with a clean slate, but sometimes I get overwhelmed by all of the possibilities. I also am raring to go on the four thousand new projects that I have planned, but I’m feeling worn out after a busy holiday season. I guess life is all about balance, right?

Right. That’s why I’m packing my bags and heading for the Caribbean. I’m going to thaw out after an already-long Illinois winter, and will come back refreshed, renewed, and ready to tackle my projects. I try to get away for at least a little while every winter, so that I can take in some sunshine and plan out my year. This year is going to be busy, busy, busy, and I’m so looking forward to it, but I need to chill out for a bit first.

So, starting this weekend, it’s going to be sun, sand, and fun. When I return, I’m going to have some very special…and very exciting, announcements, and maybe a tropical picture or two.

Have a wonderful 2019!
Summer Prescott

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