The Bandit HillsSeries

Blair Merrin

Second-hand shop owner, Cassie Cleary, loves life in Bandit Hills, Tennesee, a touristy little ghost town, known for all sorts of happenings that are both strange and mysterious. When potentially cursed and haunted antiques start passing through her door--all seemingly connected to murders--she gets swept up into sleuthing.

Feast of Fears

It’s Thanksgiving in Bandit Hills, and life only gets more interesting for the rambunctious residents of this paranormal paradise in the mountains of Tennessee. A mysterious murder has amateur sleuth Cassie scrambling to figure out whodunit before the villain strikes again.

Festivities abound, despite the danger and intrigue, and as usual plenty of delicious food, this time with a holiday flair, gets gobbled up in this murder mystery.Take a trip down Route 666 with Cassie, Dash, Bonnie and the gang, and grab your fork for a wild ride!!!

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Second-Hand Murder

When second-hand shopkeeper, Cassie Cleary, receives a strange donation that is somehow linked to a recently deceased young woman, things in the eccentric town of Bandit Hills get even stranger. Will Cassie, and her P.I. pal Dash, find out the meaning behind the unusual artifact before it’s too late? This Paranormal Cozy Mystery is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, and make you laugh out loud too!

Horse of a Different Murder

Murder, ghosts, humor, and mystery, what more can you ask for?

Cassie and Dash find themselves in the midst of trying to solve a mysterious murder with the help of a local horse whisperer, after one of Bonnie’s ranch hands disappears. Spooky situations are the norm in Bandit Hills, and this fast-paced tale will have you on the edge of your seat – wondering what could possibly happen next!

Bacon, Eggs, and Boogeymen

When a sweet elderly woman’s husband goes missing, Dash and Cassie step in to try to figure out whodunit. Dash goes camping with Cassie on a dare, and they discover more than they bargained for at an abandoned campsite. The adventures continue, served with a heaping helping of breakfast from Tank’s diner, in this latest installment of The Bandit Hills Series.