The DinerOf The Dead Series

Carolyn Q. Hunter

Aspiring writer Sonja Reed returns to her small hometown of Haunted Falls, Colorado, and agrees to take over the ownership and operation of her favorite local diner. Chaos ensues when she discovers that she has a rather unusual ability, which leads to her involvement in solving multiple murder cases.

Waffling In Murder

Diner owner Sonja Reed is suffering from “chef’s block” and can’t seem to come up with any new recipe ideas for her specialty waffle menu. Good fortune seems to smile upon her, however, when she is invited to cater an award ceremony at a local state park, and Sonja hopes that the event may spark her creativity.

Things sadly take a sour turn when the body of one of the attendees is found in a nearby cabin. Sonja can’t determine whether the murder is just a typical case, or if something far more sinister is afoot, but odd warnings from an old friend have her watching her back . . . and the woods.

Will Sonja’s adventure in creativity turn out to be her last?

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The Wicked Waffle

When aspiring author, Sonja Reed, leaves her “dream job” in New York City to return to her hometown of Haunted Falls, Colorado, she immediately find herself pulled into investigating a murder that has rocked the quiet, peaceful town. What she encounters in her investigation will make you pull up the covers and lock the doors!

Battered and Buttered Waffle

Owning a diner in the small town of Haunted Falls has been a bit of a hair-raising experience for Sonja, and things go from bad to worse when a reality TV film crew comes to town. Wanting nothing more than to create her crisp, buttery waffles, Sonja find herself caught up once again in a murder investigation that leads to some decidedly “otherworldly” experiences.

Sinister Strawberry Waffle

Just when it seems that things have finally quieted down for diner owner Sonja Reed, a threatening note slipped under her door spurs a series of spine-tingling events. When a simple landscaping project goes terribly awry, and a local businessman is murdered,Sonja finds herself in the midst of her most perplexing and dangerous mystery yet.

Wayward Waffle

Haunted Falls is a hive of activity, preparing for its annual Founder’s Day Picnic, and diner owner Sonja Reed is busy gearing up for the festivities with a whole new selection of delicious foods. Unfortunately, the celebration is cut short when a local veteran is found murdered. Once again, it seems that a ghostly presence is prompting Sonja to assist the local sheriff in solving the case. Throw in an awkward love triangle, and you’re all set for another heart-stopping adventure in a small, supernaturally-charged Colorado town. Sonja is pulled in several different directions as the latest case unfolds. Will she figure out who the killer is before it’s too late?

Pumpkin Pie Waffle

Diner owner Sonja Reed is gearing up for Halloween by preparing a delicious array of desserts for trick-or-treaters, as well as catering the local middle school’s annual party. Halloween is her favorite holiday and it seems like nothing can ruin the festive mood, until a young girl under Sonja’s supervision suddenly disappears into thin air.


Things only grow worse when Sonja’s boyfriend, Sheriff Frank Thompson, reveals that an escaped criminal may be on the loose in Haunted Falls, and a strange figure, who isdressed as the grim reaper, seems to be desperately trying to get her attention.


Will Sonja be able to find the missing young girl before it’s too late, or will this Halloween turn out to be far scarier than originally intended?

Turkey and Terror

When Thanksgiving rolls around, Sonja Reed is excited to accompany her significant other, Sheriff Frank Thompson, to visit his family on their ranch in rural Wyoming. The busy diner owner is looking forward to a relaxing vacation away from the flurry of holiday activity at the diner, and from the seemingly endless supernatural activity in her home town.

The amateur sleuth soon realizes her dreams of escape are futile, however, when a mysterious ghost on horseback seems dead set on stalking her. With an unexpected and somewhat bloody murder case thrown in the mix, Sonja finds herself in the midst of perhaps the oddest holiday vacation she’s ever encountered.

Creepy Christmas Waffle

It’s Christmas time in Haunted Falls and Sonja is getting ready for the annual block party that her mother and her neighbors hold every year. Sonja is looked forward to great food, decorations, a warm fire, Christmas carols, and is even hoping that her significant other, Sheriff Frank Thompson, will finally kiss her under the mistletoe. Tragedy strikes, however, as it often does in Haunted Falls, and Sonja is chilled to the core when she receives a very strange and sinister present on her doorstep–a present that may just spell doom for everyone who is close to her during this holiday season.

Birthday Cake Waffle

It’s Sonja’s birthday and her boyfriend Frank has a romantic weekend getaway planned for them at a secluded cabin in the mountains. Sonja is grateful for the chance to finally escape from the daily drama of family, solving murders, and talking to ghosts.

Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned when Sonja believes that she has witnessed a murder at a neighboring cabin, and the getaway becomes rather confusing when there is no evidence found that indicates a murder ever took place.

Will Sonja be able to use her supernatural skills to get to the bottom of things before it’s too late, or will her birthday weekend be ultimately ruined by a visions of ghosts, murder and mayhem?

Spooky Sweetheart Waffle

It’s Valentine’s Day and the wealthiest woman in Haunted Falls, Belinda Smith, is hosting a Sweetheart Dance at her sprawling estate. She has enlisted her childhood friend, local diner owner, Sonja, to cater the event. Sonja is thrilled for another chance to showcase her cooking skills, and can’t wait to unveil her newest waffle recipe, but her world is turned upside downwhen a local sanitation worker is found dead in the dumpster behind the diner.

What seems at first like a textbook murder case, turns out to be far more complicated and sinister than either Sonja or her beau, Sheriff Frank Thompson, could have ever imagined, and the duo is tossed into the midst of a spooky situation that may put both of them in jeopardy. Just when Sonja is convinced that things couldn’t possibly get any trickier, a mystery guest in her own home throws yet another wrench into the works.

What should have been a sweet holiday, turns into a maelstrom of eerie events and shudder-worthy situations…will Sonja and Frank solve the mystery before it’s too late??

Eerie Irish Waffle

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day in Haunted Falls and diner owner Sonja Reed has whipped up another winner of a waffle for the holiday. Unfortunately, it appears that the luck of the Irish has skipped over Sonja this year as she and boyfriend Sheriff Frank Thompson are faced with solving yet another harrowing paranormal murder case. 

A body found in the woods raises suspicion about possible mob related activity in the small mountain community. As if that thought wasn’t harrowing enough, the strange leprechaun statue that Sonja borrowed from a family friend as a decoration for the diner seems to have a mind of its own, and it just might have a thirst for blood…Sonja’s blood. 

Savory Spring Waffle

It’s Easter Sunday in Haunted Falls and Sonja Reed is at it again. She and Alison are catering a party at the local community garden–and of course they aren’t passing up the chance to unveil a new waffle recipe. 

Unfortunately, everything isn’t all sunshine and roses when a body turns up in a nearby cottage. It looks like murder again, and it’s up to Sonja and her boyfriend Sheriff Frank Thompson to get to the bottom of things.

Is this a simple case of homicide, or is there something more sinister afoot? Sonja’s is haunted by a supernatural sensation which tells her that there may be ghosts hanging around the garden, but if there are, what do they have to do with the murder, and what could they possibly want from her? 

Benedict Waffle

It’s time for the “girls only” trip of a lifetime. Sonja and Alison have won a fully paid five-day vacation to a fancy resort and spa. Unfortunately, Sonja is worried about the trip because the historic Rocky Mountain landmark is notoriously haunted, and she wants nothing more than a ghost-free week. 

The much-needed trip becomes a bit chilling when the girls are invited on the exclusive Haunted Lantern Tour of the hotel, and stumble upon a gruesome murder scene. 

Is one of the ghosts in this creaky hotel seeking an vengeance for a misdeed long ago, or does one of the staff members have a thirst for blood? It’s up to Sonja to discover the truth hidden in the hotel’s catacombs in this spooky and stormy mystery. 

Scary Sausage Waffle

April showers bring . . . murder

A simple mountain drive turns deadly when a severe thunder storm hits, and best friends, Sonja and Alison, are forced to take refuge in a quaint little roadside restaurant. What starts out as a wet, gloomy night turns sinister when a body is found on the premises, having died a violent death.  

Could the fatality have been caused by a pack of vicious wolves on the prowl or is something far more dangerous going on? A suspicious car wreck and a ghostly hitchhiker may be connected to the death, and Sonja has to get to the bottom of the rainy nightmare before she and Alison find themselves in a precarious situation, fraught with more terror than they can handle!

Murderous Mocha Waffle

Mother’s Day is a special time in Haunted Falls. The local Knitting Society is putting on a fair at the city’s community center where women can share their favorite foods, crafts, and memories of their mothers. Diner owner, Sonja Reed, has prepared another delicious waffle recipe in honor of her own mother.

Unfortunately, the festivities turn dark when a body is found shoved into a janitor’s closet. At first glance, thehomicide seems fairly cut and dried, but when a strange object shows up on the scene, it falls to Sonja and her friend Belinda to figure out how it’s connected to the murder.

Will this Mother’s Day be a permanent stain on the town’s psyche? Or will Sonja be able to snag the killer once again?

Red Velvet Waffle

Things have been pretty peaceful in Haunted Falls, and diner owner Sonja Reed couldn’t be happier. She finally has the time to really focus on her cooking and, more importantly, spending quality time with her love interest, Sheriff Frank Thompson.

Unfortunately, things don’t stay quiet for long when local friend and farm owner, Benjamin Simon, gets a warning from beyond the grave. It seems that only Sonja is equipped to understand and resolve his unique issue, and she might just have to face it alone when her relationship with Frank ends up on rocky ground.

Sonja is prepared for one of the most frightening investigations yet, but is her bravery and intuition enough, or will the ghosts haunting the farmhouse send her to an untimely doom?

High Steaks Waffle

Sonja Reed is enjoying life. Her boyfriend Frank finally knows about her paranormal abilities, her close friend Maddy is staying in town for a few days, and business at The Waffle Diner and
Eatery is booming. Unfortunately, her new-found happiness is a fickle thing.

When a competing restaurant owner comes out with a brand new waffle menu, Sonja’s temper gets the best of her. Determined to confront her fellow competitor, she arrives just in time to witness him choking to death on his own recipe. It looks like murder again, and as always
there seems to be the sour scent of the supernatural present.

Will Frank and Sonja be able to bring the killer to justice, or will the twisted history behind this case leave a permanent stain on their budding relationship?

Hole In One Waffle

The Haunted Falls Society is a prestigious organization open only to the most accomplished members of the community, and it is the exact place where Sonja Reed doesn’t expect to fit in. Despite her reservations however, when club president, Paxton Manning, asks her to cater the Father’s Day Charity event, she can’t exactly refuse.

The elegant occasion takes a deadly turn, with a corpse showing up in a most unlikely of places, and the prestigious golf course appears to be inundated with a cacophony of ghosts, which of course draws Sonja into the case like a moth to a flame. Her father joins her in her sleuthing on this most unusual Father’s Day. Settle in for a delightfully spooky read in this latest installment of The Diner of the Dead Series.

Fireworks and Waffles

The Fourth of July is a big deal in Haunted Falls. Parades, picnics, performances and so much more highlight the celebration of the festive and patriotic holiday. Local diner owner, Sonja Reed is so consumed with plans for holiday events that she’s had a brief respite with no communications or expectations from ghosts, witches, and other lively spirits.

Unfortunately, the paranormal world seems dead set on reminding the busy galthat it does indeed exist and just might have some work for her to do. When another strange package shows up on her doorstep, Sonja can’t help but wonder if it might not be another sinister gift from a persnickety witch looking to give her a scare.

A fireworks accident claims the life of a local man, casting a gloomy pall over the festivities in town. When further investigation reveals that the incident was no accident, Sonja begins to suspect that there just might be a connection between the strange package and the murder. Holiday celebrations are quickly forgotten when sheand boyfriend, Sheriff Frank Thompson, scramble solve the mysterious murder before the killer can strike again.

Games Ghouls and Waffles

Summer in Haunted Falls is quickly coming to a close, and Sonja is celebrating by holding a board-game day for teens and kids, before they have to return to school. She’ll providesnacks, a cake, and–as always–a brand new waffle dish. 


When yet another murder is discovered near the edge of town, Sonja is happy to be entirely uninvolved. She doesn’t know the victim, she didn’t find the body, and no ghostly figures have appeared to ask her for help in bringing the killer to justice. 


Unfortunately, game night turns eerie when a strange and frightening specter appears, in the form of a barbarian, from one of the game boards. Sonja struggles to find out if the spirit is dangerous and where it came from, while also wondering if there is some connection to the recent murder.


Caught between two worlds, Sonja will have to choose wisely which avenue she should follow in order to solve the crime before becoming the next victim.






**Frank pulled the cloth off the tray to reveal the newest delicious dish. It was an extra sweet waffle with varied streams of pink, purple, and yellow food coloring swirled throughout the batter. It was then topped off with fresh whipped cream, multicolored star and moon sprinkles, and drizzled with a red raspberry sauce. Sonja brought out a long straight stick, pushed it into the middle of the waffle, and lit it with a match. Instantly, it began to sparkle.

Waffling in Murder

Diner owner Sonja Reed is suffering from “chef’s block” and can’t seem to come up with any new recipe ideas for her specialty waffle menu. Good fortune seems to smile upon her, however, when she is invited to cater an award ceremony at a local state park, and Sonja hopes that the event may spark her creativity.

Things sadly take a sour turn when the body of one of the attendees is found in a nearby cabin. Sonja can’t determine whether the murder is just a typical case, or if something far more sinister is afoot, but odd warnings from an old friend have her watching her back . . . and the woods.

Will Sonja’s adventure in creativity turn out to be her last?