Wicked WaffleParanormal Cozy Mysteries

Carolyn Q. Hunter

The ongoing story of diner owner, Sonja Reed, will have you on the edge of your seat! Despite her profound reluctance to continue to act as an amateur sleuth, Sonja soon realizes that it just may be her calling in life to assist the undead and catch criminals.

Wedding Waffle Murder

Diner owner Sonja Reed is suffering from “chef’s block” and can’t seem to come up with any new recipe ideas for her specialty waffle menu. Good fortune seems to smile upon her, however, when she is invited to cater an award ceremony at a local state park, and Sonja hopes that the event may spark her creativity.

Things sadly take a sour turn when the body of one of the attendees is found in a nearby cabin. Sonja can’t determine whether the murder is just a typical case, or if something far more sinister is afoot, but odd warnings from an old friend have her watching her back . . . and the woods.

Will Sonja’s adventure in creativity turn out to be her last?

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Hot Buttered Murder

Sonja Reed, owner of the delightfully delicious Waffle Diner and Eatery, couldn’t ask for a better life. She adores her devoted boyfriend, who is a local sheriff, manages her own business, and has just been named the caretaker of a historical manor.

Unfortunately, her idyllic life takes a sour turn, when the body of a mysterious woman shows up on the diner’s front steps. What initially looks like an accident turns out to be foul play, and Sonja finds herself caught up in the middle of a murder investigation.

To add insult to injury, or poison to poor health, Sonja is beginning to experience strange things again–ghostly things which compel her to get involved in solving a murder. Will she be able to tie up the loose ends of the crime before the killer ties her up? Find out in this new delicious Cozy Mystery series, starring one of your favorite amateur sleuths.


Waffle made with a crap ton of extra butter.

I believe he called it blissful buttery something or other. Butter off dead lol that’s my idea.

Bacon Caramel Murder

Things are all astir in Haunted Falls,as the Autumn season officially begins. Diner owner Sonja Reed is already formulating all sorts of new recipe ideas for the coming holidays and is even beginning to get accustomed to living in a fancy estate home.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as happy as she is. The new middle school principal has cancelled the annual Halloween Party in favor of a Harvest Festival. Parents and students alike are up in arms about the change, but things go from bad to worse when the principal is found dead in his office.

As usual, it falls to Sonja and Frank to track down the killer before holiday festivities can begin. All the evidence seems to point in one direction, but Sonja–partially thanks to her paranormal gifts–has a gut feeling that there is more to the murder than meets the eye.




Thanksgiving Waffle Murder

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching in Haunted Falls, Colorado, and diner owner, Sonja Reed, is busy getting her new cottage ready for the big event. This year she is playing host to a large crew of hungry people–including her boyfriend Frank’s parents, and is excited to host everyone in her very own home.

Unfortunately, the harrowing nightmares she’s been having seem to be overshadowing the event and Sonja is beginning to wonder if perhaps there are ghosts involved. When the nightmares come true and another murder occurs, she finds herself plunged smack dab into the middle of another mystery. 

Will Sonja be able to solve this latest case before it ruins the holiday and more, or will she be the next victim? Find out in this chilling new Wicked Waffle Paranormal Cozy!!!

Christmas Waffle Caper

It’s nearly Christmas in Haunted Falls, and Sonja Reed and her fiancé Frank Thompson have been invited to a festive white elephant party. However, before the party begins, Sonja has just one Christmas delivery to make to a cabin across the lake. Unfortunately, when car trouble prevents the duo from getting back to town, Sonja knows it’s just
the beginning of what could become one crazy night.

Some strange family drama, a body, a ghost, and an escaped mental patient make for one spooky winter night. Will Sonja and Frank be able to solve this latest case before it’s too late?

Buckaroo Waffle Murder

Diner owner Sonja Reed’s birthday is approaching fast and she’s looking forward to a quiet and comfortable celebration in her hometown of Haunted Falls. When her fiancé, Frank, the local sheriff, scores two tickets for an Old Western train ride through the mountains, however, the couple is catapulted into and entirely unexpected adventure. 

What neither one of them would ever guess, is that a fellow passenger on the touristy train happens to be a murderer. Throw in a vintage treasure map, and a train jumping ghost, and Sonja and Frank are in for one spooky ride.  

Wedding Waffle Murder

What would a wedding be without a few ghosts and a murder?

Frank and Sonja are getting ready for a last-minute spring wedding. Wanting to have a small, simple ceremony, the couple is scurrying about, rushing to get together decorations, cake, and a dress, so that they can be married at Sonja’s favorite place on earth—The Waffle Diner and Eatery! 

Unfortunately, when the ceremony is interrupted by a couple of crazed parents claiming their adult daughter was abducted by a backwoods cult, the happy day is put on hold. Things only get more complicated when the young woman is found dead under most peculiar circumstances.

Will Sonja and Frank get to the bottom of this latest murder mystery, or will their wedding be permanently postponed?


Wedding cake made of waffles

Cactus Waffle Murder

Sonja and Frank are finally married and on their way to their dream honeymoon in the beautiful deserts of New Mexico. They have spa days, museum trips, hiking, shopping, and of course, relaxation on their to-do list. Unfortunately, their idyllic plans are interrupted by a murder.


The newlyweds try their best not to get caught up in another investigation, but when the spirit of an ancient skinwalker appears to Sonja, she knows it’s up to her to help catch the real killer. A complicated web of underhanded business tactics, feuds, and revenge is woven together around the couple, making for a very sticky case.. 

Will Sonja and Frank be able to pin down the truth so they can get on with their honeymoon, or will the killer have the last laugh?



Deep fried waffle?