New Series*New Release-Carolyn Q. Hunter!!

We are excited to announce the release of a brand new series by Carolyn Q. Hunter!!
You are going to adore the quaint and cozy atmosphere of Culver’s Hood Nebraska and fall in love with Bertha Hannah and her friends at Old Market!
Killer Apple Pie, Book 1 in the Pies and Pages Cozy Mystery Series by Carolyn Q. Hunter is now available!!
Pie 1
Bertha Hannah’s two passions in life are books and piping hot homemade pies, and when an opportunity arises for her to open her own pie and book shop, she jumps in headfirst, only to find that preparing to open her own shop isn’t exactly a piece of cake.

In the midst of getting organized and putting the pieces in place for her grand opening, tragedy strikes, far too close for comfort. All the while mourning the untimely death of an old friend, Bertha finds herself having to deal with pompous detectives, money-grubbing investors and unruly customers, which truly threatens to upset her apple cart.

Will she be able to unravel the mystery which has presented itself at the worst of times? Or, will her dream business be finished before it even starts?


New Release-Carolyn Q. Hunter!!

We are excited to announce the release of Games, Ghouls, and Murder, Book 19 in the Diner of the Dead Series by Carolyn Q. Hunter!

Waffle 19

Summer in Haunted Falls is quickly coming to a close, and Sonja is celebrating by holding a board-game day for teens and kids, before they have to return to school. She’ll provide snacks, a cake, and–as always–a brand new waffle dish.

When yet another murder is discovered near the edge of town, Sonja is happy to be entirely uninvolved. She doesn’t know the victim, she didn’t find the body, and no ghostly figures have appeared to ask her for help in bringing the killer to justice.

Unfortunately, game night turns eerie when a strange and frightening specter appears, in the form of a barbarian, from one of the game boards. Sonja struggles to find out if the spirit is dangerous and where it came from, while also wondering if there is some connection to the recent murder.

Caught between two worlds, Sonja will have to choose wisely which avenue she should follow in order to solve the crime before becoming the next victim.

New Release- Carolyn Q. Hunter!!!

Summer Prescott Books is excited to announce the release of Book 2 in The Dead-End Drive-In Series, Moans, Mummies, and Murder by Carolyn Q. Hunter!!

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Voodoo 2 Kindle Cover

Sisters, Sarah-Belle and Anna-Lee Francis, are preparing to host their very first movie premiere at the Voodoo Drive-In, and they are going all out for the occasion. Since it’s a mummy movie, they are working to deck out the entire restaurant and drive-in with an Egyptian theme, even going to the length of renting a life-sized sarcophagus to display.

When the sarcophagus, which is supposed to be a novelty, arrives with a very real, very frightening, mummy inside, things start to get a bit weird, and escalate from bad to worse when a body is discovered on their doorstep. Strange sounds seem to come from within the sarcophagus, and the sisters don’t want to believe that the mummy has come back to life, but wonder if the tales of a three thousand year old curse might actually be true.

Will they survive to solve the mystery of the moaning mummy? Find out in this latest spine-tingling tale from the terrifyingly talented Carolyn Q. Hunter.

NEW RELEASE- Carolyn Q. Hunter!!

We are thrilled to announce the release of Hole-In-One-Waffle, Book 17 in The Diner of The Dead Series by Carolyn Q. Hunter!! A Father’s Day themed cozy mystery, sure to be a chilling read!

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The Haunted Falls Society is a prestigious organization open only to the most accomplished members of the community, and it is the exact place where Sonja Reed doesn’t expect to fit in. Despite her reservations however, when club president, Paxton Manning, asks her to cater the Father’s Day Charity event, she can’t exactly refuse.
The elegant occasion takes a deadly turn, with a corpse showing up in a most unlikely of places, and the prestigious golf course appears to be inundated with a cacophony of ghosts, which of course draws Sonja into the case like a moth to a flame. Her father joins her in her sleuthing on this most unusual Father’s Day. Settle in for a delightfully spooky read in this latest installment of The Diner of the Dead Series.

NEW SERIES-Carolyn Q. Hunter!!!

We are so excited about the release of Sisterly Screams, Book 1 in The Dead-End Drive-In Series by Carolyn Q. Hunter!

This epic new series, set in Sunken Grove, Louisiana is sure to give you the chills. Get your copy on Amazon now by clicking the image below!


Estranged sisters, Sarah-Belle and Anna-Lee, haven’t seen each other in nearly two years. Life takes an unexpected turn when Anna has to return to their hometown of Sunken Grove, Louisiana, and fate throws the contentious pair back together again.

Unfortunately, the already-tense situation goes from bad to worse for the sisters, when a ghost appears at Sarah-Belle’s drive-in theater and restaurant, pleading with them to help bring his murderer to justice. Will the sisters be able to settle their differences and work together again in order to solve this case, or are the strange sounds of jungle drums coming from the bayou signaling their doom?

Find out in this new spooky cozy mystery series by popular author Carolyn Q. Hunter.

Happy Anniversary Carolyn Q. Hunter- 99 Cent Sale!!

Summer Prescott Books is so grateful to have Carolyn Q. Hunter on their writing team!

It was a year ago tomorrow that the first amazing book from the mind of the incomparable Carolyn Q. Hunter was released by SPBP. It has been such a joy to work with this incredible human being – I’ve seldom had the pleasure of working with someone who has such an incredible work ethic and awesome attitude to go along with her talent. Here’s to many more years to come, Carolyn Q. Hunter – we love you!!!

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New Release- Carolyn Q. Hunter!!

Summer Prescott Books is thrilled to announce the release of Benedict Waffle- Book 12 in The Diner of the Dead Series by Carolyn Q. Hunter!

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It’s time for the “girls only” trip of a lifetime. Sonja and Alison have won a fully paid five-day vacation to a fancy resort and spa. Unfortunately, Sonja is worried about the trip because the historic Rocky Mountain landmark is notoriously haunted, and she wants nothing more than a ghost-free week.
The much-needed trip becomes a bit chilling when the girls are invited on the exclusive Haunted Lantern Tour of the hotel, and stumble upon a gruesome murder scene.
Is one of the ghosts in this creaky hotel seeking a vengeance for a misdeed long ago, or does one of the staff members have a thirst for blood? It’s up to Sonja to discover the truth hidden in the hotel’s catacombs in this spooky and stormy mystery.