New Release- Patti Benning!!!

Summer Prescott Books is excited to announce the release of On The Wings of Murder by Patti Benning!

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Book 12 Kindle Cover

Eleanora Pacelli and her grandmother embark on a last-minute summer trip to Florida after a particularly stressful week at home in Kittiport. They are both looking forward to a nice, relaxing week in the sun, but things go downhill fast when the elderly Ann Pacelli vanishes from the hotel without a trace.
In the search for her missing grandmother, Ellie makes new friends and stumbles upon a new business opportunity that might change Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria forever. With a deadline inching ever closer, she has to rely on the kindness and help of complete strangers to have any hope of finding Nonna before it’s too late.

New Release- Patti Benning!!

Summer Prescott Books is excited to announce the release of Glazed Ham Murder- Book 20 in the Darling Deli Series by Patti Benning!

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Moira Darling gets a tearful call from her daughter with news that her car was stolen, and thinks a missing convertible is the worst of their troubles, but the next day, when a man is found dead on the side of the road – and it looks like her daughter’s missing car was the murder weapon, life suddenly becomes much more challenging.

The concerned mother is certain that Candice is innocent, but unfortunately, she seems to be the only one who thinks so. With Easter just around the corner, and Darling’s DELIcious Delights busier than ever, life seems to be pulling Moira in all directions at once. Working together, the busy deli owner and her husband struggle to clear Candice’s name and solve the mystery of the missing car despite the odds that are stacked against them.

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NEW RELEASE-Patti Benning

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Actual Kindle Cover

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and the sleepy small town of Maple Creek, Michigan is seeing green. Eager to be a part of the many celebrations taking place for the fun-filled holiday, Moira Darling and her husband, handsome private investigator, David Morris, decide to open their microbrewery to public tours for the first time.
Disaster strikes when a corpse is found in the brewery. Moira is desperate to prove that her husband had nothing to do with the death, but when she realizes that the real killer might be closer to her than she thought, she faces an inner struggle, torn between loyalty to her family and a responsibility to justice. She faces an uncertain future as she digs deeper, and edges ever closer to becoming the next victim.