New Release- Karoline Barrett!!!

Summer Prescott Books is excited to announce the release of It Cannoli Be Murder by Karoline Barrett-Book 3 in her well-reviewed Bread and Batter Series!

cannoli cover.jpg


Bakery owners Molly and Olivia have their hands full, catering desserts for a swanky benefit at the Castle Shore Hotel, but things take quite a dark and interesting turn when the body of a Senator turns up in one of the hotel’s bathrooms. Just when the bakers think it can’t get any worse, another high-profile murder occurs, rocking the typically placid town of Destiny, New York.
Never content to let sleeping dogs, or dead Senators, lie, Molly’s mother nudges her to get involved with solving the murder. Though she has more than a full plate at work, Molly jumps into the case, sifting through clues before the killer on the loose can stir up more trouble.


NEW RELEASE-Patti Benning!!!

Summer Prescott Books is excited to announce the release of Breakfast Pizza Murder-Book 17 in the Papa  Pacelli’s Pizzeria Series!!

pizza 17 cover


After months of stressful planning, it’s finally time for Eleanora Pacelli to open her new restaurant. Leaving Maine behind, she and her friends fly to Florida for the grand opening of her second Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria location. At first an overwhelming success, her new restaurant is soon crippled by disaster when a customer is found dead.
Ellie can only hope that the murderer isn’t one of her new employees, as she struggles to solve the crime before the pizzeria’s reputation is wrecked. While she races against the clock to find a killer, she also has to come to terms with a permanent change in her personal life when she says a tearful goodbye to a member of her own family.


SUMMER PRESCOTT BOOKS IS PROUD TO PRESENT THE RE-RELEASE OF Jellies, Jams and Bodies, under its new name, with a brand new cover, and a sumptuous recipe included!!

Jelly 1 cover

Welcome to Whipper Will Junction, a small beach town in Maine with spectacular views of the mountains, where the residents all know each other and each other’s business. Tourist season brings the sleepy little berg to life, and locals often find themselves outnumbered by visitors, fifty to one. The idyllic hamlet is known for being a safe, quiet place to live, and until recently, there hadn’t been a murder in Whipper Will Junction for over forty years.

A recent spate of murders threatens to rock the town to its core, particularly when Richard Wells, a beloved elder statesman of the town disappears, leaving residents to wonder who or what is causing the tragic upheaval.

Tabitha Moon, the owner of a local shop, Jellies, Jams, and Weddings, is a bit bewildered to find herself smack dab in the middle of a real life mystery, and vows to do her best to help solve it. Teaming up with her best friend, Jenny, and her adorable crush, Greg, the determined shopkeeper sets out on a mission to make Whipper Will Junction safe again. Can the trio find Richard Wells before it’s too late?

With a sprinkling of loveable locals and their often misguided efforts, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll fall in love with the down-home goodness of Whipper Will Junction. Come visit for a spell, in a town where the gossip is plentiful, and so are the bodies…



New Release-Summer Prescott!

We are thrilled to announce the release of Creamy Pumpkin Killer, Book 6 in the Cupcakes in Paradise Series by Summer Prescott!

cip 6 cover

While Missy and Chas are focused upon a possible addition to their lives that may change them forever, the town of Calgon is rocked by a brutal murder. A young wife loses her husband, and there are a couple of terrifying suspects. Spencer and Chas are on the case at the request of Calgon’s police chief, all the while battling against an incompetent homicide detective who barges in at the worst possible times.

New Releases!!

We are excited to announce some recent releases!!

NEW FROM CAROLYN Q. HUNTER comes Hot Buttered Murder, Book 1 in The Wicked Waffle Series! You can expect to see Sonja and Frank back and better than ever!


Sonja Reed, owner of the delightfully delicious Waffle Diner and Eatery, couldn’t ask for a better life. She adores her devoted boyfriend, who is a local sheriff, manages her own business, and has just been named the caretaker of a historical manor.

Unfortunately, her idyllic life takes a sour turn, when the body of a mysterious woman shows up on the diner’s front steps. What initially looks like an accident turns out to be foul play, and Sonja finds herself caught up in the middle of a murder investigation.

To add insult to injury, or poison to poor health, Sonja is beginning to experience strange things again–ghostly things which compel her to get involved in solving a murder. Will she be able to tie up the loose ends of the crime before the killer ties her up? Find out in this new delicious Cozy Mystery series, starring one of your favorite amateur sleuths.

NEW FROM PATTI BENNING comes Pretzel Pizza Murder, Book 15 in the Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria Series!


Eleanora Pacelli’s life in Kittiport, Maine, has settled into a comfortable routine. She’s happy, if sometimes a little bit too busy for her liking. Her circumstances change, however, when an unexpected visitor shows up at her home, claiming not only to be a relative, but to have a stake in the family business.
With Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria and her livelihood on the line, the one person who could have helped her is brutally murdered, and Ellie doesn’t know where to turn or what to do when a scheming relative tries to take over the pizzeria. If she doesn’t come up with a plan quickly, her life may never be the same, and her future is shaky at best.

New Series*New Release-Carolyn Q. Hunter!!

We are excited to announce the release of a brand new series by Carolyn Q. Hunter!!
You are going to adore the quaint and cozy atmosphere of Culver’s Hood Nebraska and fall in love with Bertha Hannah and her friends at Old Market!
Killer Apple Pie, Book 1 in the Pies and Pages Cozy Mystery Series by Carolyn Q. Hunter is now available!!
Pie 1
Bertha Hannah’s two passions in life are books and piping hot homemade pies, and when an opportunity arises for her to open her own pie and book shop, she jumps in headfirst, only to find that preparing to open her own shop isn’t exactly a piece of cake.

In the midst of getting organized and putting the pieces in place for her grand opening, tragedy strikes, far too close for comfort. All the while mourning the untimely death of an old friend, Bertha finds herself having to deal with pompous detectives, money-grubbing investors and unruly customers, which truly threatens to upset her apple cart.

Will she be able to unravel the mystery which has presented itself at the worst of times? Or, will her dream business be finished before it even starts?

Hurricane Relief!!! Read to Help!

My heart is heavy as I sit comfortably in Illinois, battling neither wildfires nor hurricanes. As many of you know, my awesome, amazing, beloved, wonder-woman of an assistant, Gretchen, is potentially right in the path of Irma, as are many of our precious Cozy friends. Florida may be following in the footsteps of Texas, where the devastation will take years to repair. I hate feeling so helpless. I can’t sit by and do nothing in the face of such adversity, so this is what I’m going to do, and YOU can help!!!

The proceeds from 9/8/2017 to 9/15/2017 for EVERY BOOK BY EVERY AUTHOR listed on our website or on Amazon, will go toward hurricane relief. I’m not lowering the prices, because frankly, these folks need every dime that we can get. Read a book and help rebuild a life.

Thank you so much for caring and sharing – Cozy readers are the best people on the planet! Join me in rallying around our fellow readers, writers and anyone else who needs help.