Sundae Afternoon Cozy Mysteries

Gretchen Allen

Yvette Lockhart dishes up more than frozen treats at Sundae Afternoon. The shop’s manager finds herself involved in just about every event held in her hometown of Heritage, Massachusetts - murder included. Follow along with Yvette as she races to protect the people that mean the most to her.

Shivers of Murder

Leaves aren’t the only things that are dying…

The gorgeous colors of Fall are beckoning, and when the Fall Foliage Trolley Tour comes to town, Yvette’s yummy ginger praline hot cocoa is an instant hit. The magnificent tour comes to a screeching halt, however, when murder is afoot, and Yvette is determined to get to the bottom of it.

Local police are wondering why she’s involved in yet another murder, and are speculating about her potential involvement in the crime. Will she solve it in time to save the Fall tourist season, or will she spend the season in a cell?

Come on down to Heritage, Massachusetts for a tempting taste of mystery!

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