New Release- Patti Benning!

Summer Prescott Books is excited to annouce the release of Valentines and Murder, Book 30 in the Darling Deli Series by Patti Benning!



Happy Valentine’s Day from amazing Cozy Mystery Author Patti Benning!!

The first few weeks of Moira Darling’s new year have been promising so far. Her husband is taking steps toward focusing more on his microbrewery, she’s had some time to read and relax, and romance is brewing at the deli, just in time for Valentine’s Day.
She couldn’t be happier when David comes home one night with the news that he has found a business partner to help take some of his private investigation cases, but her enthusiasm is quickly dampened when a string of murders occurs, and each one appears to be connected to her husband and his new partner. Moira struggles to figure out who the killer is, all the while living in constant terror that her beloved husband will be the next victim.


USA Today Best Selling Author!!!

We are so proud to announce that Summer Prescott has earned the coveted title of USA Today Best Selling Author. Her book, A Slippery Slope of Murder, was part of the boxed set, Winter Whodunnits, which made it to #33 on the esteemed Best Seller list today. Please join all of us here at Summer Prescott Books in congratulating our beloved author!


Hi Awesome Readers and Cozy folk!!

Many of you have been asking about what happened to some of our SPBP authors, so I thought I’d try to bring you up to speed. The reason that I hadn’t been able to answer your questions before now, is that I’ve been engaged in conversations with some of them who hadn’t figured out whether they were going to continue to write any longer. Here’s what I’ve found out as of now:

Evalynn Shaw went on vacation to another country, and never returned. She thought about writing from there, but has since decided not to, so her series is finished, unless one of the other SPBP writers wants to have a go at it.

Blair Merrin received a promotion at his day job and will no longer be writing because he doesn’t have the time. Yes, Blair is a he, lol. There won’t be any subsequent Bandit Hills books, unfortunately. They are so good!!

Susie Gayle is now writing children’s books under another pen name (no, unfortunately, I don’t know it). We wish her all the best and hope that she might come back someday to write a few more books in the Pet Shop series.

And last, but certainly not least…

VALLEY SAMS!!!! She’s been busy planning and writing a brand new series, which will begin releasing within the next couple of months, and oh my whiskers, it’s gonna be a good one!!!!

Winter Whodunnits Boxed Set!

Don’t miss Summer Prescott’s contribution to this amazing boxed set!

Winter Whodunnits: A Dozen Cozy Mysteries for a Chilly Winter’s Night

Winter box set cover

12 cozy mystery novels from best-selling authors to get your blood racing on a cold winter’s eve. There’s nothing chilling about this chance to explore a dozen of cozies. Curl up for a cocoa, a cookie and a killing!

Winter Whodunnits includes stories from:
* Stacey Alabaster – A Pie to Die For, Book 1 in the Bakery Detectives Cozy Mystery series
* USA Today Bestselling author Anna Celeste Burke – A Merry Christmas Wedding Mystery, a Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery
* USA Today Bestselling author Kathi Daley – Much Ado About Felines, a Whales and Tails Cozy Mystery
* Nell Goddin – The Third Girl, Book 1 in the Molly Sutton Mysteries series
* USA Today Bestselling author Alison Golden – The Case of the Fallen Hero, an Inspector David Graham Cozy Mystery
* USA Today Bestselling author Dianne Harman – Murder at Jade Cove, a Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery
* CeeCee James – The Tempting Taste of Danger, a Walking Calamity Cozy Mystery
* Summer Prescott – A Slippery Slope of Murder
* BR Snow -The Case of the Faithful Frenchie, a Thousand Islands Doggy Inn Mystery
* USA Today Bestselling author Shannon VanBergen – The Root of All Evil, a Glock Grannies Cozy Mystery
* Amy Vansant – Pineapple Lies, Book 1 in the Pineapple Port Mystery series
* USA Today Bestselling author JA Whiting – A Haunted Disappearance, a Lin Coffin Mystery


I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be a featured speaker at the International Writers Conference 2018 in Cuenca, Ecuador! I’m really looking forward to meeting authors and aspiring authors from all over the world. If you’re ready for an intense time of learning and sharing in an exotic locale, sign up here:

New Release-Killer Christmas Pie!

Summer Prescott Books is thrilled to announce the release of Killer Christmas Pie, book 5 in The Pies and Pages series by Carolyn Q. Hunter!

pie 5 cover

It’s Christmas time and pie shop owner, Bertha Hannah, is gearing up with a brand new Gingerbread Pie and a little holiday shopping. Bert and her best friend Carla find themselves in a spending mood as the newest mall in the area advertises a plethora of specialty shops, department stores, and restaurants. It’s time for a girl’s day out!

Off on their festive adventure, the ladies run into Detective Mannor–a man Bert recently turned down for a date—and the day heads rapidly downhill when a body is discovered in one of the mall’s most popular shops. A cheerful season of peace and goodwill has turned blood red with homicide and it’s up to Bert to figure out the mystery before Santa can say Ho-Ho-Ho.