A Slippery Slope of Murder

Sunny may have run…but she couldn’t hide.

The murder of her parents haunted her, so she left town without looking back. Her sister stayed behind, unable to let go of the family business.

Revenues plummeted, and Sunny knew, three years later, that she had to go back home and save the day. Will her trip to the majestic mountains of Idaho be the death of her?

With a fierce will to protect herself, her sister and their family legacy, Sunny gets swept up in the investigation of her parents’ deaths, and begins to wonder if she’ll be able to figure out who the murderer is before tragedy strikes the fragile remnant of her family. Her path brings her face-to-face with a decades-old secret, which could change the course of her life forever.

This fast-paced page-turner will draw you in instantly, and not let you go.



A Slippery Slope of Murder


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