Caked in Murder

What will Yvette do when her mom and bff are accused of murder, lies, deceit, theft?

Neighborhood Association branch (there are a couple different ones) is hosting the Town Wide Tag Sale.
Leader is accused of stealing and asked to step down. Everyone is after everyone else. Can Yvette protect those that mean the most to her?

The murder isn’t related to someone finding something at the sale. Or anything to do with the sale itself. Cable man kills the branch leader to protect his family member from being treated badly by her.
Everyone seems to want everyone else’s positions on different boards.

cake pops with cone bottoms instead of sticks cake cones. cones with caked baked inside with icing to look like whipped cream and sprinkles mini ice cream sandwiches on a stick.

Tag – you’re it!
Surely nothing could go wrong at a town tag sale, right?

Lying and stealing and murder, oh my!

Yvette’s small town is rocked by scandal when a high profile murder occurs, and her life is turned upside down when the suspect is a little too close to home. Will she solve it in time, or will she lose someone near and dear to her heart?



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