Chocolate Pot of Murder

All of Mackenzie Bay’s biggest and brightest are out for what promises to be a St. Patrick’s Day Gala to remember. From the glitterati of the founding families to the town’s most successful business owners, it’s a ‘who’s who’ event not to be missed.

However, it’s not a pot of gold that this rainbow of a party leads to, but something much more sinister.

Once again, famed chocolatier Sabrina Woodhouse along with her friends, multi-million-dollar heiress Catherine Mackenzie and the brilliant Detective Stocker are plunged into the dark underworld of this seemingly peaceful oceanside town. Only this time, what the intrepid trio uncover may be a little bit more than they bargained for, as Sabrina’s troubled past finally comes to light.

Full of intrigue, eccentric characters and thrilling suspense, the latest installment in the Mackenzie Bay saga will satisfy your cravings for the most decadent of all treats  – delectable, sticky sweet mystery.



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