One Cozy Christmas

These holiday delights from your favorite authors at Summer Prescott Books will warm your hearts and send a suspenseful shiver down your spine!

A Twinkle of Murder by Summer Prescott

Barista Betsy Bergman feels like quite the poser when she’s promoted to the position of Image Consultant at a major department store. Things are kicking into high gear for the holiday season, and just when Betsy thinks she may succeed, despite the odds, she discovers that there’s murder afoot, and that she might just be a suspect. Joining forces with her best friend, Arnold, entirely clueless to the fact that Arn would really like to be more than friends, Betsy puts her snooping powers to work to try to solve the crime, before she becomes the next victim. Kick off your shoes and sit back to enjoy this tale of murder and mystery, set against the backdrop of a traditional Midwest Christmas.

A Merry Little Murder by Patti Benning

It never rains but it pours, and this holiday season may be Lacey Townsend’s most stressful one yet. A much-needed holiday trip to her parents’ house takes an unexpected turn when she and her father discover a body in the woods. In a small town where everyone seems to have secrets, even her own fiancé, finding out the truth about what happened might be harder than it seems. Will Lacey discover the identity of the murderer, or will she only find confusion and heartache?

Holiday Hooked by Carolyn Q Hunter

The spirit of Christmas is in the air at Sweet Hills Retirement Community . . . but so is murder.
Seventy-nine year-old Agatha Reiner is determined to enjoy this Christmas season. Despite the fact that her only daughter is on the other side of the country, Agatha is making the best of the holiday cheer by eating Christmas cookies, listening to carols, snuggling up with her dog Aki, and crocheting doilies for all her neighbors in the retirement community.
Unfortunately, it seems that not everyone is in a festive mood. When Agatha stumbles upon a body, police suspicions turn toward her. It doesn’t help that she was presumably the last one to see the victim alive and the detective on the case seems to think she’s nothing more than a dotty old woman with a jealous streak.
Agatha realizes it is up to her to recount her time with the victim, step-by-step, clue-by-clue, to solve this mystery before she finds herself behind bars for the holidays.

The Final Sleigh by Gretchen Allen

Holly Holiday, a corporate finance mogul, is forced by her boss to travel to Solstice, Florida over Christmas week. After a series of snowstorms, all flights back to her hometown of Chandler, Pennsylvania, are cancelled. Sent directly into an ultimate Christmas village, Holly begrudgingly agrees to stay at a local inn owned by the Evergreen family. Murder is actually an odd relief in the face of overly-bright Christmas cheer, and Holly wonders whether she cares about the case, or if she’s just avoiding the holiday spirit. Will she continue to run from Christmas and catch a murderer?



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