Twist of Murder

Cookie Skillet
White Chocolate Coconut Lime
Strawberry Shortcake
Create Your Own Sundae

Yvette finds herself accused of murder.

Guilty by Association.

Dessert Bar Pops Up at just the wrong time.

Pushing out rival bakeries/dessert people.

Hurt by friends

Digs deep to solve the crime and bring sundae afternoon back. (henry messing up)

Liars, scammers

Twisty treats.

Working in SA’s second location tasked with the job of learning why they are failing.

Murder is following her.

Fellow manager is in over is head.

You’ll be instantly bowled over by this sticky treat…

Murder follows Yvette everywhere.

She’s used to getting frosty looks from rivals, but what about her friends? Will they give her the cold shoulder too? Jealousy can be murder.

This gal will have to dig deep and get the full scoop, before she meets a bitter end!



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