A Mouthful of Murder

Cupcakes and Murder

Orange Marmalade Murder

A Murder Moist Foul

Meet Melissa Gladstone, a hometown Southern gal, with a nose for clues and a talent for tasty cupcakes!

Nearly everyone in the sleepy town of LaChance, Louisiana knows about the rivalry between local celebrity baker Missy Gladstone and Darryl Davis, the down and dirty donut man from across town, but no one ever thought that their fierce competitive streaks would one day lead to murder.

Chas Beckett, LaChance’s handsome new homicide detective, has some serious questions for Missy and her loyal assistant Ben, and it’s up to Missy to figure out who the killer is before the two of them find themselves in jail.

Will Missy end up losing the business that she’s struggled so hard to build after the death of her parents?

Find out the answer to that question and more in this breath-taking, newly-revised 1st Book in the Frosted Love series by Best-Selling Cozy Mystery Author, Summer Prescott!

A Pinch of Murder

Cupcake baker, Missy Gladstone, decided to leave her cozy little hometown in LaChance, Louisiana, for the bright lights of Vegas, to compete in a national cupcake bake-off with a Grand Prize of $50,000.00. The prize money would go a long way toward Missy’s dreams of expansion, and a trip to Vegas would provide the busy gal with a much-needed vacation, making the trip seem like a win/win.

Dismayed to encounter a former hometown rival in attendance, Missy soon learns that there were ulterior motives attached to her invitation to the event. A sticky proposal pits the two of them against one another again, and Missy stands to lose more than the competition if she doesn’t make some very tough choices.

Alone, far from home, and suspected of murder, Missy reaches out to the only ally who might be able to help her – the dashing Detective Chas Beckett.

Half Baked Murder

Cupcake shop owner, Melissa Gladstone returns to her hometown of LaChance, Louisiana, after participating in a glamorous cupcake competition in Vegas. With the huge amount of publicity that she received as a result of the competition, she’s had lines outside the door at her little shop, and is considering expanding her business. Strange things start to happen that seem a little too close for coincidence, and when a local is murdered, Missy wonders if she might be next. Can the enterprising woman crack the case and find the culprit before it’s too late?

INNcrediblySweet Series

Summer Prescott

The saga of Missy and Chas, the dynamic mystery-solving duo from the Frosted Love Cozy Mysteries series continues in this sweet series. With major life changes for both of them, and a relocation, the couple faces new and exciting situations that will have you on the edge of your seat!

Blue Suede Killer

Change is in the air for all of our favorite Calgon characters. Missy and Chas begin to wonder if they’ll ever find a house, Carla is overwhelmed by running the Inn, Echo is settling in beautifully to motherhood, and Fiona wonders if she might not just be losing her mind.

Spencer makes an astonishing decision, and mischief abounds when an Elvis impersonator competition comes to Calgon. The entire gang gets in on the action, and Tim comes to Fiona’s rescue when a stranger from the past resurfaces. All this and more, in the final segment of the INNcredibly Sweet Series.

The continuing story of Missy, Chas and the gang will resume in Book One of the Cupcakes in Paradise Series.

Irish creme killer

Summer Prescott Books is thrilled to announce the first book in the INNcredibly Sweet Series – Irish
Crème Killer!!! For those of you who love Missy, Chas and the gang, this next chapter in their story will
take you on a wild ride through the Catskills, as Chas revisits his well-heeled past. Spencer and Janssen
team up to face a most unexpected villain in this fast-paced tale of greed, jealousy and intrigue.

Coconut creme killer

Not all is as it seems when a mysterious young writer takes up residence at The Beach House B&B to finish writing her novel . Can Missy, Echo and Kel figure out, from reading her previous books, who the dangerous stalker is, before it’s too late? This second book in the INNcredibly Sweet Series will have you on the edge of your seat!

Caramel creme killer

If you loved the Frosted Love series, you’ll love its next chapter…The INNcredibly Sweet series.

The sleepy seaside town of Calgon, Florida is rocked when a pillar of the community is murdered. Much to the astonishment of Chas, Missy and the gang, the suspects are many and the clues are far too few in this suspenseful tale of mystery and intrigue.

The Cupcakes in ParadiseCozy Mystery Series

Summer Prescott

Missy and Chas are loving life in their new location, and they’ve surrounded themselves with a great group of friends. The mysteries just won’t stop, however, in this third season of their saga, which began with Frosted Love and continued with the INNcredibly Sweet series.

Tropical Punch Killer

Cupcakes in Paradise owner, Melissa Beckett, worries about her husband, Detective Chas Beckett, fully realizing that her own life might be in danger, because of his latest case. A dangerous killer, who committed an unspeakable crime, is on the loose and Missy may be the next target.

Mild-mannered Coroner, Timothy Eckels faces challenges that have him considering leaving Calgon forever, and his loyal assistant, Fiona, is fighting tooth and nail to keep him there. Will she be successful?

This latest installment of the Cupcakes in Paradise series by USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Summer Prescott, will leave you breathless with anticipation!

Hawg Heaven Cozy Culinary Mysteries

Summer Prescott

Young widow, Rossalyn Channing, relocates back to her home state of Illinois with her teenage son, after the death of her Marine husband. She opens a barbeque café in a small town, never dreaming that she’d become involved in helping to solve one murder after another!

Bittersweet Murder

Cafe owner and single mom, Rossalyn Channing, is faced with some life-changing decisions and doesn’t know where to turn. Fortunately, a new firefighter comes to Chatsworth, giving her the welcome respite of friendship that she so desperately needs. When Rossalyn is forced into catering the family reunion of a local boardinghouse owner, the job turns into an absolute nightmare which ends up implicating Rossie and her staff in a murder.

Her husband is giving her time to think, her neighbor and man on whom she depended for the last year, Tom Hundman, has disappeared without a word, and now her credibility is called into question. Will friendship be enough to see Rossie through her challenges?

Patriot's passing

The indomitable widow of a Marine sniper is faced with the reality of starting a new life with her teenage son, after hearing the awful news that her loving and brave husband was killed in the line of duty. Drawn back to her childhood home, Rossalyn Channing meets up with old friends and begins her healing process, safe in the loving company of her parents.


Irresistibly drawn to a mysterious little building in a small town, Rossie impulsively buys it and makes big plans for an eatery that her late husband would have loved. Things are not always as they seem in quaint small towns, however, and she begins to wonder if the challenges that she faces are insurmountable. The determination of the fearless military wife is strong, but will she prevail as a stranger in a strange land? 


Add to the mix a body found on her property, and scary strangers randomly appearing to torment her, and you set the stage for the first book in the Hawg Heaven Cozy Culinary Series. This poignant tale of courage in the midst of adversity will inspire you, and leave you hungry for more.

baby back murder

Rossalyn Channing’s savory new bacon-heavy business in a small town is booming, and she, along with son Ryan, is settling in quite well, until one of her favorite television shows comes to town wanting to film nearby. Rossie directs them to a place that she knows and is dismayed when her location turns out to be tragic. Sinister character emerge on all sides, and Rossalyn fears for her life and Ryan’s safety. With the help of some unexpected friends, will she manage to solve the murder before it’s too late? Find out in this next exciting installment of the Hawg Heaven Cozy Culinary Series!

Nacho usual murder

Rossalyn’s world is rocked when a stalker gets up close and personal. She receives surprises visits and surprise bouquets from a would-be suitor who was recently released from jail. Things take a dramatic turn for the worse as she becomes the suspect in a local murder, and everything turns upside down when a close ally seems to suddenly be acting suspiciously. Will the events that occur be enough to drive the newcomer Rossalyn, and her son Ryan out of their small town? Or will Rossie figure out who’s been lurking in the shadows, before it’s too late?

A Match Made In Murder

Tim and Susannah have ordinary lives on the surface, he’s a mortician for whom death is a serious business, and she’s a chef who really knows her way around a knife, but if the neighbors in their small Midwestern town knew of her dark hobby, they’d run for the hills.

Raised by an apathetic mother and a cruel father, Susannah was bullied and pushed to her breaking point long before she met mild-mannered Tim, and has learned to channel her murderous impulses into a strange form of art, which keeps her clueless husband safe…for now.

As strange events occur, and Susannah’s eccentric behavior becomes more dynamic, Tim starts to wonder about his wife. Will he be too perceptive for his own good?

This twisted tale will keep your heart thumping until the very end, so buckle up, you’re in for a terrifying ride.