Pet Shop Cozy Mysteries

Susie Gayle

Small town scandals abound in this fun and furry series, which revolves around a Pet Store, owned by amateur sleuth, Will Sullivan. Fast-paced and funny, this Cozy Mystery series is a rollicking ride for pet lovers!

A Splash Of Murder

The small coastal town of Seaview Rock has been buffeted by scandal and strife, but this time, the situation seems dire for pet shop owner, Will Sullivan. His girlfriend’s mother is coming back to town, which is a special kind of madness of its own, andsoon after she arrives, one-half ofa brother-sister pet grooming duo ends up dead in Will’s store, the Pet Shop Stop.

As Will’s list of suspects grows shorter by the minute, he can’t help but be suspicious of Sarah’smother, and he wonders if she’s just vindictive enough to be dangerous. It’s a family affair in this thrilling installment, but no matter what happens, Will is on the case, not just to solve a murder but to keep his friends, family, and pet shop safe, proving that loyalty hasn’t gone completely to the dogs.

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Bark Once for Murder

Handsome and kind-hearted Will Sullivan owns a pet shop in an idyllic seaside town. Business is good, and he’s dating again for the first time since his divorce, but in the course of a single day, Will’s whole life turns upside-down. A corporate giant threatens to destroy his business, his ex-wife decides to move back to town, and worst of all, he discovers a deadbody. When Will’s girlfriend is arrested as asuspect, it’s up to Will, with the help of an adorably enthusiastic shelter dog, to uncover the identity of the killer, in a town where just about anyone could be a suspect.

Bark Twice for Murder

A freak winter storm hits the coastal Maine town of Seaview Rock, leaving a small yacht wrecked on the shore. Taking part in the rescue effort, pet shop owner Will Sullivan is shocked to find the body of a famous actress inside. At first it seems like the starlet’s death was just an accident, but as Will uncovers mysterious coincidences surrounding the odd event, it becomes evident to him that this was a well-concealed murder. The police are skeptical, reluctant to believe that such a terrible conspiracy took place, and to make matters worse, Will finds himself harassed by a Hollywood tabloid reporter bent on getting the full scoop of the starlet’s death in order to advance her own career.

Three Barks for Murder

In the small town of Seaview Rock, Maine, local pet shop owner, Will Sullivan, brings a shelter dog to the gracious home of one of the town’s wealthiest families, for what should just be a routine meet-and-greet. Things get more than a bit awkward when he finds his ex-wife Karen there…and the tense situation goes from bad to worse when a body is found in the shed. With only five possible suspects, Will is desperate to figure out who among them was the killer. Time is ticking as he puts himself in danger to clear not only his own name, but that of his girlfriend as well. Will he find the culprit in time?